2 Boys with Zensah Face Masks
October 8, 2020

As a lifelong traveler, I love (and am missing) the life-changing experiences that travel brings. Being able to get away for a change of scenery- to be immersed in a new culture or a favorite location that brings pleasure, relaxation, or adventure- has always been important. So for my January birthday this year, my husband surprised me with an “online experience” through Airbnb, which he chose from an eclectic assortment of various activities that you can do online with hosts from around the world.

You can meditate with a Japanese Buddhist Monk or make Mexican street tacos with a pro chef. You can spend a virtual day in Paris with a Parisian or discover the Argentine wine world with a local. There are lots of options. We chose a “walking tour” through Prague where you follow a plague doctor from the 17th century. We took the tour with my parents who live in Maine. It was surprisingly fun, and the guide truly knew his history. I grew up taking unique walking tours whenever my family visited a new location and with the Airbnb experience it felt like we were on a tour.

While clearly this won’t replace the experiences we encounter while traveling it was a refreshing taste of what I miss about visiting someplace new- which is conversing with new people and learning new things.

Lindsay, January 2021