Women’s Travel Alliance

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Essential Oils for Travel (and Daily Life)
February 6 from 615p-715p. Martha’s talk will begin at 630p.

Where: Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters, 1043 Millmont St.

An informative workshop with Martha Stockhausen, Silver Leader & Wellness Educator for Young Living Essential Oils and an avid traveler. Join us to learn how specific essential oils can enhance your travel experience by reducing anxiety, killing germs and staving off sickness.

Please RSVP to 434-977-1415 or events@peacefrogstravel.com

The Charlottesville Women’s Travel Alliance meets several times a year to gather like-minded women who are passionate about travel. Women of all ages and travel experiences are encouraged to come and network with other women, share special travel moments and learn about travel from the unique vantage point of the female traveler.

Our goal is to inspire women to go out and explore the world. We hope to provide the opportunity to share ideas, plan small group trips and motivate you to take flight. We have a private Facebook page if you’d like to join. Email us at events@peacefrogstravel.com to request that your name is added to our mailing list.

Learn to Pack Better

Let us teach you essential packing tips and tricks that will make packing for any type of trip more successful.

We provide packing demonstrations that are scheduled and free to the public.

A Packing Workshop: River Cruises
When: Tuesday, February 11th at 12:30p
Where: Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters, 1043 Millmont St

Learn essential tips and tricks of packing efficiently in the time it takes you to eat your lunch (lunch is not provided, but feel free to bring). This workshop will focus on packing for a river cruise. 

Please RSVP to 434-977-1415 or events@peacefrogstravel.com. Space is limited.

In addition, any member of our team can give you a complimentary private packing demo- and we can tailor that demo to meet your specific travel needs. Schedule a personal or group packing demo by calling 434-977-1415 or emailing events@peacefrogstravel.com.