Learn to Pack Better

Let us teach you essential packing tips and tricks that will make packing for any type of trip more successful.

We provide packing demonstrations that are scheduled and free to the public.

In addition, any member of our team can give you a complimentary private packing demo – and we can tailor that demo to meet your specific travel needs. Schedule a personal or group packing demo by calling 434-977-1415 or send us an email

Packing for a vacation or business trip can be daunting. It forces you to look into the future and make decisions based on what you predict the weather will be, what activities you will be participating in and what you’ll need to be comfortable. Once you’re done thinking about what to pack you must fit all those items into a piece of luggage that is much smaller than, say, your bathtub.

We approach packing as an art and a skill.

Everyone who works at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters is a Packing Specialist and we are here to help make the task of packing easier, more efficient and enjoyable. We can teach you how to pack for specific types of travel as well as advise on what to bring, how to fit it all in your suitcase and talk you out of packing too much.

Women’s Travel Alliance

Connect | Inspire | Travel

Drawing Together: Five Bay Area artists reunite in Charlottesville
at Chroma Projects: 103 West Water Street, Charlottesville

Thursday, Oct 11 615-815p, due to the nature of the event there will be no food/drink served
Talk: by show curator Claire Thurston at approximately 630p

Join Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters and the Women’s Travel Alliance for an artist talk lead by Claire Thurston, a California muralist and the show curator. Claire has lived in Charlottesville for the past five years. After the events of August 2017, she was determined to bring the inspiring work of her fellow artists together in her “new” hometown. This is the first time Claire’s drawing group has shown together and a mixture of mediums will be on display:  paintings and prints, ceramic sculpture and video. Please join Claire and her fellow artists, Jessica Dunne, Joan Frenkel, Dorothy Robinson and Meredith Tromble.  The talk will begin at approximately 6:30p. Please RSVP to 434-977-1415 or send us an email.

Save the date:  For those interested in getting a preview peek, the show opening will be First Friday, October 5th at 5:30 PM at the back of Chroma Projects 103 West Water Street, Charlottesville.

The Charlottesville Women’s Travel Alliance meets several times a year to gather like-minded women who are passionate about travel. Women of all ages and travel experiences are encouraged to come and network with other women, share special travel moments and learn about travel from the unique vantage point of the female traveler.

Our goal is to inspire women to go out and explore the world. We hope to provide the opportunity to share ideas, plan small group trips and motivate you to take flight. We have a private Facebook page if you’d like to join. Email us to request that your name is added to our mailing list.


Meet with a Packing Specialist

Set up an appointment today by calling 434-977-1415 or send us an email.

Our Packing Specialists are here to help make the task of packing easier, more efficient and enjoyable. We study current packing trends and systems, understand the demands of domestic and international travel, and translate the information into practical packing advice tailored to a client’s unique travel needs and tastes. Our 15-minute appointments can be catered to what your needs are. We can advise on the best options for the sizing or type of bags you should take, what you need to use in the outlets for your electronics, how best to keep your passport and money secure, how to pack light and what you should and shouldn’t bring.  

If you have the knowledge and the tools to pack well for any type of travel, the trip will be more fun and your preparation for the trip more relaxing.