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Thanksgiving Message from our Chief Frog

November 16, 2020

Dear clients, travelers, and friends,

“Is the pandemic over yet?” is the question I ask my husband every morning when I groggily emerge from my bedroom, fully knowing his answer but selfishly reminding him, and myself, that a different answer to that question would be the key to rebooting the travel industry as well as Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters, my 27 year-old travel agency and retail business.

That said, I am conflicted about making this one last request of clients and friends in 2020. What I mean to say is that it feels very small of me to wish for an end to the pandemic so that people can travel again and my business can pick back up- particularly after such a harrowing year for people around the world that has been filled with unprecedented death, unemployment, societal unrest and political chaos. I want you to know, that is not lost on me.

So, for the last time in 2020 I will ask this-  that if you are looking for a gift for someone who enjoys travel, or could use travel gear in their lives, please consider shopping with us this holiday season. You are and have been the bedrock of our business, our loyal clients and customers, and so a travel gift or gift certificate is the perfect way to support our business and also spread the message of the services and products we provide to your friends and family, even those who are out of town. 

Gift certificates send a message of hope to anyone who is raring to get up and go. Our gift certificates come in any increment – which allows you the flexibility of a $15 stocking stuffer to a brand-new piece of luggage to a trip planning fee or even a full-on vacation. We’ll send your gift, including a personal note from you on our holiday stationary, to whomever you wish. You can order one online, by phone or in our store.

Even though it will likely look and feel different than in past years, I hope you and yours have a terrific Thanksgiving and holiday season. As for me, …

  • I plan to raise a glass to all the good will that has been sent my way in 2020 and will hope you too have felt a lot of love and support in your life.
  • I will raise a glass to all the ‘extra’ time I’ve spent with my husband and two boys, and to all the delicious meals we’ve created and shared- many of which remind us of places we’ve visited in our travels as a family.
  • I will raise a glass to my team of dedicated and talented staff members who have worked tirelessly as well as been creative and energetic (for a lot less money) this year.
  • And I will raise a glass and remind the few gathered around our table this Thanksgiving that nothing worth having comes easy. That this, too, shall pass.

With gratitude and optimism,

Julie Arbelaez
Chief Frog

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