Learn to Pack Better

Let us teach you essential packing tips and tricks that will make packing for any type of trip more successful.

We understand that fewer people are hopping on planes right now, and even less are taking that much needed vacation, but we do know you are still going places and we are here to help you get there with ease.

Our packing specialists provide complimentary packing appointments over Zoom or in-store (for small, connected groups). We can tailor the appointment to meet your specific travel needs. Whether your travel is by car, train, or air our Packing Specialists will guide you through their top tips on packing organized and saving space.

A complete demo can take up to 30 minutes, but this can be shortened to meet your time constraints. Your packing specialist will review best practices for packing tailored to your packing style and the type of trip you are packing for, and she will also demonstrate how to use a wide variety of packing tools.

Even if you think you have packing down pat, we promise you’ll learn at least a thing or two that might make your next packing experience even better.

Please contact 434-977-1415 or email Marlena@peacefrogstravel.com to schedule your complimentary appointment.