September 8, 2020
January 12, 2021


2 Boys with Zensah Face Masks

Since Covid began we have been on the search for face masks that are not only comfortable but also durable, breathable, and fit a variety of faces.  Masks that we feel good about wearing ourselves (and we do all wear them ) and feel great about recommending to others. We all have different preferences for how we want to wear our masks. Marlena likes hers around her head, while Julie prefers over the ears. Lindsay wants organic cotton with room for a filter- so we carry a small but diverse assortment to choose from.

In all the masks we carry we have looked for a snug fit while still remaining comfortable. Breathability while still offering good coverage. And, most importantly, does it pass the “match test.”  Not sure what that is? We demonstrated it on each of our masks here. 

Our mask-imonials:

Lindsay: “I wear the Alex & Nova mask. For me it was important to have a mask that was organic cotton, 2 layers and had a good fit. This one is really comfortable, worn around the ear and tapers around the nose and the chin so it stays in place all day, even when I’m talking.”

Julie: “I love the Zensah Adult Performance Face Mask. It is so lightweight and breathable that I feel quite hot when I am wearing any other type of mask. I cut the head loops to make the perfect fit around my ears. I know Marlena wears the Zensah the way it was intended, around her head.”

Lindsay, October 2020