February 6, 2016
February 25, 2016

Packing for winter getaways can be a challenge. With heavier clothing and boots, packing light seems to go out the window. Here are some tips and essential items to help you remain organized and not pack over the weight limit.

– Wear a pair of all-weather boots while traveling to and from your destination. These should be your heaviest duty shoes good for snow, rain, and cold weather.

– Think in terms of layers. Instead of packing bulkier sweaters or jackets, pack items that can be used as layers as these don’t take up as much space.

– Use your coat as a blanket, pillow, or seat cushion while traveling. Select a coat that is great for cold weather and also very comfortable, like a fleece or puffy jacket.

– Compression sacs are your friend! Use them to compress sweaters, ski jackets and pants, jeans, coats, and dirty clothes. We recommend grabbing our Eagle Creek multi-pack with one of each size to get you started. These are fantastic space savers.

– Sockwell socks are made of a lightweight (but warm) merino wool that wicks away moisture and prevents odors so you can wear them more than once. You can wear the compression socks for your flight each way and they also make great ski socks.

– Non-cotton Exofficio underwear gives you the option of easily washing them in the sink and reusing over and over on your trip. And the men’s undershirts and women’s camisoles and tanks are great base layers for any winter activity such as hiking and snowshoeing.

– Start with a lower weight bag – our new Eagle Creek Gear Warriors are extremely lightweight (only 8.5 lbs), while giving you a large amount of space (89 liters).


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