July 11, 2014
Mediterranean Cruise, Part I of 3: Star Clippers
July 31, 2014

Last Thursday- the night my blog entitled Roll With It was scheduled to post- my handbag was stolen while I was out to dinner with a friend. Everything important to my daily functioning and security was in that bag. We chased after the thief with a few other heroic locals, and filed a police report, but only a few insurance cards were found by the railroad tracks a day later.

Roll With It was meant to discuss the idea that how a traveler handles the inevitable hiccups that occur on any journey, be they big or small, will ultimately effect the overall success of the trip. It was meant to remind the traveler to look on the bright side- to work through travel mis-adventures as quickly as possible while continuing to embrace the good and interesting parts of the travel experience, and generally, to Roll With It. When I first wrote the piece, I was thinking about events like last minute flight schedule changes, delays and misconnections; petty theft and the loss of or forgetting to bring personal items; and lastly emotional issues like not liking the hotel, city, or food as much as you anticipated when planning the trip.

Now that I’ve been victimized, in my hometown where everything is familiar, I realize perhaps a softer approach to my Roll With It theory is probably more reasonable. Had my bag been stolen in a foreign country I would suddenly have been without my room key, identification, ability to pay for things, and ability to easily connect with family and friends. That list combined with language and cultural barriers would create quite a few additional layers to getting my life back in order. Thus, my ability to Roll With It, regardless of my own sunny disposition, would be severely diminished.

Still, I do believe there are positive experiences to be found in even the most dire of circumstances and that ultimately, a good meal, the kindness of strangers, a funny experience, a stroll in a beautiful or unusual destination can turn a few minutes, an afternoon, a day or even several days around. I know that vacation time is precious and we intend and expect for that time to be as trouble-free as possible. So maybe if our expectation of perfection can be tempered with a dusting of reality a truly wonderful, memorable vacation can be had no matter what might occur. – Julie, July 2014