July 1, 2014
July 24, 2014


I have pre-trip jitters. I am going to Costa Rica with my daughter this week and am feeling a bit nervous about the adventure ahead. I have noticed that other clients with imminent travel plans seem to also suffer from pre-trip anxiety. Despite our best efforts to prepare, we still feel like we’re not ‘ready’.

Even though I’ve made all the obvious pre-trip arrangements- such as animal care, stopping the mail, copying passports and leaving emergency contact numbers, etc.-  I still feel a heightened sense of concern and apprehension.  For me, this feeling is a result of the collision between my feelings of excitement and anticipation over the impending trip combined with the uncertainty of stepping into the unknown and out of the comfort zone of everyday life.

Once I embark on the trip and get caught up in all the action and amazing experiences of the actual vacation, I expect the jitters to dissipate and be replaced by a sense of trip-related euphoria. Several travel experts have made recommendations on how to lessen the effects of unease that we might be feeling in anticipation of departure:

Eat a light meal the evening before your trip and restrict alcohol, caffeine and sugar consumption as all of these can affect a good night’s sleep.

Read a good book or watch an old favorite movie (preferably a comedy) as they will help you to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Pack and shower the evening before your trip so that you only need to focus on having a good breakfast and getting to the airport on time to make your flight.

Call a friend with a good sense of humor who has traveled recently or extensively and talk through any feelings of nervousness or apprehension about your trip.

Bottom line is that pre-trip jitters are just part and parcel of the trip, can be alleviated by following some healthy recommendations, and should subside once you are caught up in the whirlwind activities of your trip. Claire,  July 2014