Boys running on beach
July 16, 2020
August 10, 2020

Every year of my life I have escaped to a tiny remote paradise in the woods that takes me off-grid. It is a rustic cabin with no electricity right next to a lake. I’ve got nothing but the bugs to bother me. Of course, this year the pandemic has given a new perspective to my slice of heaven. How thankful I am to be able to get away from the concerns of coronavirus while at the same time acknowledging that the 9-hour drive poses a whole new set of challenges.  

I usually break up this long drive with two stops to alleviate my fatigue – both from driving and my two boys in the back seat.  This year I will drive straight through and really don’t feel comfortable with public restrooms. Lucky for me the woods have taught me to pee outside and I have taken the time to see where the more desolate areas are along the way. A pack of Tush Wipes and I feel comfortable finding a secluded spot along the side of the road off a remote exit.

Other tips I’ve picked up along the way include wearing compression socks to fight fatigue from driving and embracing the many uses of peppermint oil. Every year there is one winding stretch of road that makes my youngest car sick and we have always offset that with peppermint oil (a little dab on the wrist for him to inhale). This year I am going to experiment with the Young Living USB diffuser in the car to see if we can prevent carsickness before it even begins.

The temperature up North can be chilly.  It is hard to imagine as I pack in this Virginia heat that I will need wool sweaters!  The station wagon is full to the brim so I am sure to pack all the bulky sweaters in Eagle Creek compression sacs for a little more room. In addition, Connecticut is the birthplace of Lyme disease so  I always pack my Insect Shield scarf for myself and several pairs of Bugsaway socks for my boys.  Not only do the socks and scarf keep ticks away but they also keep the mosquitoes and gnats away too. Lastly, a little light goes a long way with no electricity so I bring the Little Sun Diamond solar lamp, which is easy and effective for reading at night or finding our way to the outhouse. I did mention it was rustic, didn’t I?  -Marlena, July 2020