April 19, 2019
June 21, 2019

Duffle or Duffel, this is the bag that you can use in many more ways than you can spell it.  A cylindrical bag that dates back as far as 1677 where it got its name after the coarse woolen cloth in Flanders, Belgium.  People use their duffel or “kit” bag for so many different uses and we here at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters want you to know that we have the duffel for your specific needs.

For the frequent business traveler, we recommend the Henty.  This ingenious duffel has a garment bag wrapped around a smaller interior waterproof bag.  It works even better then a traditional garment bag at keeping the wrinkles out of your suit and has the perfect spot for your shoes and change of clothes.  The side pocket fits the Eagle Creek garment folder, which will keep your shirts tidy, and the Henty even has a protected case for your computer.  The add-a bag attachment feature that can be used to put the duffel securely on your wheeled carry-on is tight and secure.  This bag was made to run through an airport or stick on your back as you ride your bike through a city (waterproof cover included).

Don’t want to think about work?  Then the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler is the duffel or sea bag for your next adventure.  It is easy to carry as a backpack or over the shoulder.  Heavy duty lash points attach to the roof of the car and a storm flap shield protects the bag when it rains.   

If your idea of adventure is scouring the sample sales and vintage shops of New York City, then the Brics Xbag Hold All is for you.  This super stylish Italian made bag packs up into a small pouch which doubles as an interior pocket or a cute crossbody bag.  You get two bags in one!  The pass-through sleeve also means you won’t be struggling when you take all your new goodies home.

Sometimes you don’t need to go away to use a duffel.  The most common use for a duffel gives it another name, the gym bag.  Dakine, known for its rugged dependable fabrics makes a great duffel that is the perfect size for the gym.  The interior is easily wipeable and has a side pocket for your personal items.  Need a little more space for your sports equipment?  The Eagle Creek Migrate wheeled duffel will hold all that hockey equipment or ski gear.  This durable bag has backpack straps and wheels to allow you to get around with ease.  The full-access opening makes things easy to pack and find.

We are always here to help you find the right bag for you, no matter what you call it.

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