November 18, 2018
December 22, 2018


Did you know that identity theft can occur without anything being physically stolen? These technologically advanced ‘pickpockets’ don’t need to steal your wallet, but instead use an electronic data reading device to grab information from your credit card or passport from a short distance away. This scan provides them with immediate access to your credit card number and personal information.

There are many options currently available that will prevent this identity theft from happening. At Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters we take client security seriously and carry a variety of RFID-blocking wallets, passport cases, and concealed pouches. Here are some options we recommend to our customers that will safely block the radio frequency transmission:

1) Osgoode Marley Passport Wallets– Made of a gorgeous pebbled leather, these stylish passport wallets offer a slim option for housing some money, a few cards and, of course, your passport. 

2) Pacsafe Zippered Wallet– A wallet that can double as a clutch for your evening out. This will still fit your passport but offers up good organization while still remaining compact.

3) Concealed Pouch– Concealed pouches are designed to be worn under your clothing to not only prevent digital identity theft, but also pickpocketing. Available in a waist or neck version, as well as one that can be worn through your belt. 

4) Travelon Backpacks or Shoulder Bags– The perfect travel bags that are anti-theft in a multitude of ways, including an RFID-blocking pouch in all bags.  Check out this post for more information on staying safe and secure while traveling.   –Lindsay, November 2018

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