July 10, 2018
July 26, 2018

Photo credit: Jim Heckel

We had a fabulous time in this extraordinarily beautiful country. We drove over 1000 miles in that small country, and of course only scratched the surface, so to speak. It was perhaps better for Pam, who didn’t drive (although she was nervous enough to write “left” and “right”on both hands and the dash of the car!). We loved the people, who really do stop and talk to you for 20 minutes. 

The best thing I can say is that working with you relieved us of lots of small details and of course pointed us to good places to stay. The pace of the trip was just about right and we had lots of independent options each day (including taking naps!) that we would not have had on other types of trips. This, for example, allowed us to drive the Ring of Beara, instead of the crowded Ring of Kerry, and we found it to be really beautiful, charming and with virtually no traffic. The weather was mostly good, although we were fogged out at the top of the Cliffs of Moher. We also got quite a bit of walking in. The food was fresh and just terrifically well done.

We were both quite surprised at how much there is to see and do in Ireland and how beautiful it all is. Thanks again for all the suggestions and detail work. It was really a great trip. ~Jim & Pam, May 2018