September 18, 2014
October 2, 2014

My parents always felt that travel was an important thing to do. Experiencing different cultures and viewpoints, and learning the ability to adapt to different circumstances has helped shape me as a person and I continue to share their strong belief in travel. The ability to travel as a family, has gotten harder as we continue to build our own lives and live farther apart from each other. Because of this, the decision to start taking an annual family vacation became a priority. Last year, we took our first vacation as a family (which has now grown to include my husband and my sister’s husband) in about a decade. We took a Baltic Cruise through the Star Clippers cruise line and followed it up this summer with a Mediterranean Cruise. Being aboard a ship proved to be the perfect way for my family to reunite and we ran in to a variety of other multi-generational families taking a similar trip.

Cruising allowed for us the ability to share, grow together and learn more about each other in this stage of our lives in a neutral, stress-free environment, while providing the flexibility for us to do things on our own. My sister and I could go off and get massages together, while my parents listened to a talk up on deck and our husbands went off the side of the boat for a swim. Food was a la carte and served off of a menu. We could pick from a handful of excursions for each day and not everyone had to do the same one.

One of the biggest benefits of our Star Clippers cruises was the ability to cover so much ground with the least amount of stress. We were able to see multiple countries in one fell swoop and go on a wide variety of excursions that really allowed us to get a taste of a variety of different things. We kept asking each other what our favorite experiences were and it was hard to decide. I had eaten the best bread ever at a small Bosnian restaurant in Slovenia and also enjoyed a Salt Spa service where we lounged in the sun wrapped in mud. I also loved trekking up Mount Etna or seeing Venice for the second time and noticing little intricacies that I didn’t see the first time.

In October and early November, my family of co-workers at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters will be celebrating 21 years of sending families on great vacations. Please go to our Happenings page to see what special events are planned and join us to celebrate and possibly plan a multi-generational getaway.

Monday, October 27        Disney Day
Tuesday, November 4     Eagle Creek Trunk Show and G Adventures: Tours for the Intrepid Traveler
Thursday, November 13   VIT (Very Important Travelers’) Party          -Lindsay, September 2014


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