December 5, 2019
January 10, 2020

Our trip truly was amazing! The kids were champs, and I think we’ve given at least one of them the travel bug. Despite a lot of long plane/train/automobile trips, there was essentially no complaining the entire trip!

We are so glad that we went through you [Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters] to handle our logistics. We were completely happy with all our hotels, and the transfers made life so much easier than arrivals/departures otherwise would have been. I was expecting at least some of our tours to be group tours, but all of them (including taking a large tour boat out on Halong Bay) were private, and that was probably something I would have said we didn’t need but am really glad we experienced. The individual attention and ability to self-pace was such a luxury.

As far as highs – the big sites (Angkor, Halong Bay, Tunnels at Cu Chi) were mostly what we expected- breathtakingly beautiful with knowledgeable guides. There were also some unexpected high points. Our second day in Cambodia- spending a day in a village is a tour I wouldn’t have even known to seek out and was a highlight of the trip. It taught us SO much and was very well done. While I know we mentioned wanting a cooking class, what you booked for us was such a pleasant surprise and so much better than what we would have found. The chef has two restaurants in Hanoi, and each has a cooking school. Our class involved the chef meeting us at our hotel and taking a cab to his neighborhood where we went shopping in a local market (far from any tourist activity). Here he explained what he was shopping for and how he chose ingredients. Then the class took place in the kitchen in his home. His daughter and our kids got along great. We felt extremely welcome and it again was a highlight- so much better than a group cooking class (like those I’ve attended before). These two tours are right up there with the world heritage sites we visited when we reminisce. These are the experiences we talk about the most!

Scott, Vietnam, July 2019

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