September 30, 2018
September 30, 2018

Thank you you so much for all of your work to make our trip so seamless and FUN! We had a blast. I would recommend Hidden Valley to anyone looking for personalized service and adventure. We made a whole day of seeing the waterfalls on the property, hiking to Butterfly Falls, then on to our reserved Secret Pools for lunch (the best picnic of my life). When we radio’ed to be picked up, our guide was happy to drive us to lookout points for Vulture and 1000 Foot Falls. If we had an extra day there, I would have loved to hike the Cascade Trail. Maybe next time?! 

We also enjoyed a day at Tikal. It was definitely a long day, but I’m so glad we did it. Also, I felt like souvenir shopping was a little better in Guatemala- their textiles are just incredible. 

Victoria House was lovely. We enjoyed renting a golf cart for a day and drove out to Secret Beach. The clear water was breathtaking! We also snorkeled at Mexico Rocks and swam with nurse sharks. The staff at Victoria House was great at ensuring we got to do the snorkel we wanted. Even though they didn’t have a group going to Mexico Rocks the day we wanted to go, they were able to arrange our trip with a local company. 

We had amazing food everywhere:  we went from fine dining to a chicken shack (Robin’s Kitchen) on San Pedro Island. We loved every bit of it! 

Thank you for helping us book the trip of our dreams, Rochelle! I am sure we would have enjoyed Hawaii, but I think the decision to go with Belize was absolutely brilliant. We have been gushing about it to everyone in ear shot! –Rebecca & Jonathan, August 2018

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