January 12, 2017
February 2, 2017

Airport transfer was waiting for us in Nice and whisked us off to our hotel in Monaco. Monaco had built up a lot since I was there last – and still very expensive. Got to the ship in Arles on Saturday and had a tour on Sunday – unfortunately almost everything was closed, but it’s a pretty little town. Avignon was the next day, and we stayed relatively busy with tours of the towns and optional excursions – Les Baux, Perouges, and others. Food aboard was probably the best of the three cruises, and the wine flowed freely.

We stopped in Beaune on the way to Dijon to catch the train – loved it! Plus it was market day! The high speed “bullet train” was impressive and the ride to Paris was very scenic. We had a bus tour of Paris on Sunday and the weather was perfect – beautiful city, but huge! All the biggies (Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame) had long lines – maybe we’ll get to try some of those next time.

All in all, an excellent trip, and we’re happy to accommodate Avalon any time they have another sale like this one! Global Entry on return was a walk-through and super quick. Until next time, thanks again! – Tom and Laurie, November 2016


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