We are a full-service travel agency & retail store with a focus on leisure travel. We plan incredible vacations and offer top quality travel gear as well as packing advice.


I, and the travel consultants and packing specialists at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters, spend every day creating custom-designed travel experiences for our clients as well as gearing them up for any adventure with our curated selection of top quality travel products.
My work as a travel consultant focuses on collaboration with clients, conception of travel ideas and ultimately the design of an exceptional trip to meet everyone’s travel needs and wants.
Our forte is creating a vacation experience that is geared to the way that you want to travel. We understand that everyone travels with different interests, tastes and needs and I keep that in mind with every client interaction.
It is our aim to offer the best, most unique travel products for the traveler who seeks quality, innovation and modern design.


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An Update From Our Chief Frog

August 26, 2020

Hello travelers and friends,

It is hard to believe that at the end of August we are still in the throes of Covid-19 with the added dimensions of the ongoing and passionate fight for social justice and equality; the ramping up to our national election in November; and, an already robust hurricane season bearing down upon the southern Gulf states. It’s no wonder no one is thinking about travel!

Despite the uncertainty of these times, and the current lack of travel opportunities and desire, Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters is still plugging along and I hope this is a good time to share with you where we are with the business of selling travel and travel gear.

Learn to Pack Better

Let us teach you essential packing tips and tricks that will make packing for any type of trip more successful.

We provide packing demonstrations that are scheduled and free to the public.


We’re working on Zoom packing demos that we will announce shortly.

Our Packing Specialists also offer phone appointments for a personalized shopping experience. Call 434.977.1415 between 12-5p M-F or email

Our aim is to make your travel dreams come true.
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