March 27, 2014
April 5, 2014

What is the best way to house cash, credit cards and passports on an international trip?

When you are on the move I recommend carrying a concealed pouch for your passport to be kept on your person, but under your clothes. I would keep any back-up cash or credit cards in this as well. At your destination, you can lock your passport in the safe in your hotel room, but I recommend that you also carry a copy of the passport with you.

For the money you plan to spend, and the credit cards you will use, I prefer a slim wallet- remember you don’t (and shouldn’t) bring every last card/receipt that’s in your current wallet.  Consider something that is easy to get in and out of in your front pocket, a belt stash pocket, or your handbag.

Here are some of our bestselling options:

1) Concealed Pouch– Available in multiple shapes and sizes, ranging from around the neck, around the waist, or looped through a belt. Most have multiple organizational compartments, yet are still slim enough to sit under clothing inconspicuously. Many contain RFID-blocking material to prevent from digital identity theft. For more information on this technology, check out my post on identity theft.

2) Pacsafe Cashsafe–  This belt incorporates a secret zippered compartment to help stash extra cash.

3) Taxi Wallet – These little gems house an incredible amount of stuff, while remaining quite slim. Two currency pockets allow you to separate US from international currency, while you have 3 different compartments for cards plus a pouch for change.

4) Walletsafe Travel Wallet– This tri-fold wallet incorporates a removable chain that can be hooked to your belt loop. Great for keeping away pick-pockets.

**Don’t forget to contact your credit/ debit card companies to advise that you will be out of the country.