March 17, 2014
April 3, 2014

I have had a really hard time figuring out how to cram a week’s-worth of Disney World fun into a single blog post. We kept a pace that, in hindsight, I can’t entirely comprehend.  It made for an incredible, exhilarating, wish we were there now family vacation. So in pictures and word here’s a small taste of what we did….

morning flight from richmond to magic express to onsite disney hotel (yes, our room was ready for us at 10a which was a bonus) and dash off to the magic kingdom. space mountain is my children’s first ever roller coaster and i am a nervous wreck. it’s a huge hit and we proceed to do space mountain at least a zillion more times.  i’d say that and the aerosmith coaster at hollywood studios are their favorites, while mine is the mt. everest coaster at animal kingdom.  i did not enjoy tower of terror but had to prove to my kids i wasn’t chicken. they did it twice.

on day 2 my husband got up early to go for a run but instead got waylaid by kirk our incredible hotel concierge who told my husband our day of spontaneity was not a good idea and proceeded  to plan the next 3 days of our trip including fast pass bookings, restaurant reservations and specific trajectories through the parks. we followed his instructions to a tee and seriously cannot thank him enough since we see all the disney parks in those 3 days – hollywood studios, animal kingdom, epcot center, the magic kingdom – and even squeeze in a morning at blizzard beach water park and lunch at sanaa, one of the delicious restaurants at animal kingdom lodge. on halloween we went to the mickey’s not-so-scary halloween party, which was pretty cool, but all my boys wanted to do was ride the rides so why pay the extra? i force them to watch the parade since I know it’s very special and we stay at the park until midnight or some crazy late hour after getting up early for extra magic morning hours somewhere else.

we see the nightly show at each park, lots of fireworks and the hoop-dee-doo revue (hilarious and well worth it). food is delicious and we find ourselves dining midafternoon each day which gives us a nice respite, a good meal, and no waiting.

also, my boys are now jedi knights having been trained at the jedi academy and one got to sword fight with captain jack sparrow. we managed to hit the hotel pool twice. although, to be honest, the 2nd time was at 10p the night before departure just because no one wanted the fun to end.

….and yes, I’d do it again and I probably wouldn’t do it any other way.  –Julie, March 2014