February 13, 2014
February 27, 2014

This time of the year, I get numerous calls each day from clients looking to travel to “Somewhere Warm & Sunny”- so many calls that I created the acronym SW&S to provide destination information for our travel consultants.  As the temperatures dip farther into the frigid, the calls to “get me to SW&S” increase so I thought it might be helpful to mention a few things to consider when planning this particular type of trip.

What is the length of your trip? That will determine how far afield you can go since you probably don’t want to head to Grenada on a 4 day weekend, but you could head there if you had a week or more.

Where should you go?  If you are thinking about the Caribbean¸ I highly recommend chatting with friends, making an appointment to talk about your needs with a travel consultant, and purchasing a Lonely Planet Guide to the Caribbean Islands as each of the islands have a definite character and distinct flavor that sets them apart. Some are mountainous and some are arid, some are more Americanized and some are more European.

What is your budget?  From mid-December to mid-April, it is high season in the land of warm and sunny so the price of airfare, hotels, cars, excursions and just about anything else that pertains to your vacation costs considerably more than off-season travel. There is no way around it – the good people who reside in the land of warm and sunny know that those of us who inhabit the land of polar vortexes and wind chill factors will pay more to escape the ice and cold.

So don’t delay. Plan your escape to SW&S today. – Claire, February 2014