September 19, 2013
October 3, 2013


I have never traveled with a travel document holder before this last family trip to San Antonio, Texas and I will never travel again without one.  I have always wrestled with carrying my ID, my kid’s passports and boarding passes- usually stuffing everything in a non-descript airline ticket jacket or simply jamming everything in a side pocket in my purse.

I had had my eye on the Matt & Nat document holder we carry at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters for quite some time so when my son announced that he was coming on vacation with us (adding another level of paper to my already disorganized travel document paradigm), I knew it was time to make my purchase.

With compartments galore, in which to slip each family member’s itinerary, ID, passes and vouchers I felt so organized and efficient.  With pockets for cash and credit cards and a change purse built into the travel document holder, I did not have to carry an extra wallet for currency. Best of all, every time I whipped that attractive red leather travel document holder out of my travel bag to grab a boarding pass or retrieve money for snacks for the kids, I felt stylish and sexy. Yes, I did say sexy. Spending time in airports these days can be so tedious, why not spend the time feeling like you are “the bomb”!

Matt & Nat travel document holder’s and bags are all made from vegan leather and the lining is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, which, putting vanity aside, made me feel very eco-friendly and environmentally correct.

The other brands we carry to help travelers stay well-organized include:

Claire, September 24, 2013