June 28, 2013
July 9, 2013


TOP 5 THINGS THAT I HAVE LEARNED IN MY FIRST YEAR AS TRAVEL CONCIERGE (I’m the person you work with when you call the office to make your initial travel inquiry.)

1)      I am amazed that there are still people on this planet that think travel agents work for free.

Rarely a day goes by that a potential client does not express surprise that our travel agents charge a $50 fee for service, per person, to book travel.  Travel agents are professionals who specialize in “all things travel” and should be compensated for their expertise and hard work.

2)      Travel agents work long hours planning travel.

Our travel agents work at the office, at home, at the gym, and at the park- working to insure that a client’s vacation is as smooth and flawless as possible.  There are a lot of t’s that need to be crossed in order to present a well-executed vacation experience to a client.

3)      Flying used to be lots of fun- not so much anymore.

Many people find flying necessary but tedious, from the endless and intrusive inspections by the TSA to being nickel and dimed for luggage, seats, drinks and snacks.  Sadly, flying “the friendly skies” is no longer very friendly.

4)      I thought that after 9/11 people would be hesitant to travel given the uncertainty of the world.

Actually, I think people started traveling more after 9/11 precisely because the world, and it’s uncertainty, was brought to the forefront and has encouraged us to forge ahead with travel plans, come heck or high water. One can choose to live in fear or one can choose to make the most of the moments accorded us by getting out there to see the world.

5)      I learned the significance of travel on a ‘Bucket List’.

Many of our ‘Bucket List’ goals and fantasies involve travel to far-off places and I would encourage anyone entertaining notions of achieving Shangri-La before they kick the proverbial bucket to make an appointment with one of our travel consultants to start making their Bucket List dreams a reality – you will be glad that you did.