May 14, 2013
May 23, 2013


As I prepare to leave on vacation, a week on the beach to decompress with my husband after a busy first half of the year, I’m remembering Julie’s blog post about unplugging. To plug-in or unplug, that is the million dollar question. In these last few years it’s gotten easier and easier to stay connected while traveling. It’s possible to drop a smart phone into a beach bag in Phuket, take an iPad to dinner in Rome or immediately send Instagram photos from a morning South African game drive. On this next trip, I’m trying my hand at Post-a-Gram, a new smart phone app that allows you to send a paper postcard with a photo and message to those at home.

I almost nearly unplug while on vacation—leaving my email inbox to rest until my return home. However, I still use social media outlets, including Facebook, as I believe they can be powerful (and fun) business and marketing tools. When I post photos or snippets, these regularly get the most comments and likes. Maybe I’ve just got more interesting things to say while I’m traveling compared to my day-to-day life!? But, when I return from vacation and run into one of my Facebook friends in town, I often hear, “I want to go there” or “Where is your next trip?”

When we lose ourselves on vacation we do not lose our clients and potential customers. On my most recent vacations to the Bahamas and Savannah/Blowing Rock, I posted to Facebook nearly every day—what I’m doing, what I’m seeing. I think people want to dream about vacation adventures, and I can put that little morsel out there—free of charge. Most people are naturally curious and want to ‘get lost’, so maybe just for a moment that’s what I offer.

Stay tuned this next week and follow my adventures on the south and west coasts of Jamaica. There will be cliff diving, Pelican Bar visiting, underwater exploration and waterfall hiking.