May 2, 2013
May 12, 2013

As I help my daughter prepare for her school trip to England and France next month, I am delighted to work at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters where we carry everything she needs to take on her trip in our retail store.  Let me mention some of the items that we have purchased for her trip and why it is important for her to have them.  Her camera is an extension of her person and safeguarding it from thieves is very important and so we equipped her with a Pacsafe anti-theft camera strap.  She will also be taking the appropriate Lewis & Clark adapters for England and France so that she can charge her camera and other electronics while she is overseas.  To guard against identity theft, her passport has a Go Travel RFID blocking passport cover and she will be carrying her money and cards in an aluminum Ogon Designs RFID blocking wallet.

For convenience in personal hygiene, she has a Fresh & Go toothbrush and toothpaste all-in-one with a Steripod toothbrush sanitizer.   She has Go Toob 2 ounce tubes for shampoo and conditioner that attach to the shower wall and a small Travel Smart hair dryer with dual voltage.  She will be carrying a Bucky travel pillow with a strap that attaches to her backpack so she can catnap whenever the opportunity presents itself while the homeopathic No-Jet-Lag  remedy she will be taking should considerably alleviate any jet lag symptoms she may experience.

And no school trip to France would be complete without a Lonely Planet pocket-size French phrasebook with pronunciation guides so she can, at the very least, attempt to deliver common courtesies in the French language.  If your youngster  is headed abroad on a school trip this summer, stop by Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters, your one-hop travel shop and we’ll be glad to help you figure out which gear and gadgets are necessary to make their travel simpler and safer.