March 13, 2013
March 27, 2013


These are excerpts from an article I wrote for The Charlottesville Wedding Planner about how to plan a wonderful honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is a unique opportunity to start off a lifetime of togetherness someplace really special. So with the world as your oyster, and a lot on the line, how do you choose where to go? The first step is agreeing upon the overall vibe of the honeymoon.

Nine times out of ten honeymooners seem to lean towards a relaxing, beach vacation. The most stress-free option is the all-inclusive resort, which allows you to prepay for food, drink, and some activities. There are now all-inclusive options to fit any expectation- from unique boutique properties to large resorts with more than 10 dining options, multiple pools and luxurious spas. A non-inclusive getaway is wonderful too, just make sure you have enough budgeted to spend comfortably while you are there. Whatever type of honeymoon is right for you; I strongly encourage lots of down time with lazy afternoons and breaks from the activity.

Once you have some general ideas, head to Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters for advice. A travel consultant worth using is one who will give you great tips and personal advice. I will answer your questions, share the pluses and minuses related to some of your ideas, and provide information about the places that are at the top of your list. Peace Frogs Travel has vendors with competitive pricing, some access to upgrades and perks that you may not be able to get, and resources to make the trip even better than you imagined. If you are both making the final decision I recommend that both of you come to this initial appointment so I can hear both points of view.

I typically ask couples about previous travel experiences, together and apart, and get some basic details about the wedding plans like location, timing, and post-wedding events. It’s good to see the entire picture so that the honeymoon becomes a break in the action but something that works with the other moving parts.

Once we determine the right setting we need to talk about budget and timing. Warm and beachy Bali is entirely different in time frame and budget than warm and beachy Mexico – but both can be equally incredible. Compromise is a big part of the process but it doesn’t mean you have to ‘settle’ for less than what you imagined, you might just have to reimagine it a little bit. Once we get all the basics together I will provide pricing and packages for a few top options so that you can compare all the trip components in order to make a final decision.

Now you can relax- you’ve done your homework and gotten solid advice. Don’t get cold feet! You’ve chosen a destination that resonates for you and your fiancé so that during the craziness that leads up to your ‘big day’, you can each imagine yourselves on that wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.