March 9, 2013
March 19, 2013

When we meet with a travel client for the first time, we ask a lot of questions.  Not only do we ask for basic traveler information about who is traveling where and when –  but we ask about likes, dislikes and expectations for the trip to come.  For instance, we ask what kind of accommodations a client prefers: “ Do you  like to stay at  4-star hotels with concierge services  or do you prefer boutique properties or off-the-beaten path kind of hotels with local charm?

Other questions include:

                Do you like to travel independently or would you prefer a more structured guided-tour experience?

                What do you like to do while you are on vacation – veg on the beach and drink margaritas or get active by hiking, windsurfing, doing archery, etc.?

                Where have you been on your travels and where would you like to go or not go?

The most difficult question for many clients to answer is “What is your budget?” because many people don’t like to talk about money.  Still, we need to ask our clients what they want or expect to spend on their vacation.

A client’s answers to all these questions help us create an optimal plan for the trip.  Planning a trip that will be pleasant and memorable for you is our ultimate goal – getting to know you and your travel style better helps us get there.