February 25, 2013
March 8, 2013

One of the most common concerns I hear from my customers prior to travelling abroad is a fear of pickpocketing and theft. They want ideas on how to prevent from being victimized. Generally, petty crime happens quickly and the least ‘prepared’ tourists are targeted. It’s as easy as a quick grab of a wallet from a purse or pocket to unzipping a backpack as someone walks down a crowded street. Sometimes babies and children are used as diversions. In addition to theft of personal property, everyone has to also consider the possibility of electronic identity theft, which is where the RFID chips in passports and credit cards are scanned digitally.

Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters offers an innovative product called Pacsafe to address a wide variety of safety concerns.

Through the years and along with the changing landscape of petty crime we have continued to expand our Pacsafe collection. Pacsafe makes well-designed anti-theft products and stays ahead of the curve.  The 5 anti-theft features on all of their bags are:

  • straps are slashproof, which prevents a thief from slashing the strap, grabbing the bag and running or driving away
  • there is a slashproof exomesh behind the fabric preventing the thief from slashing the material, which would then disperse the contents on the ground
  • zippers attach safely to the bag to keep everything locked
  • turn and lock strap hooks allow you to wrap your strap around a stationary pole or chair and twist to lock
  • RFID blocking pockets prevent electronic identity theft

Some of our bestselling styles are:

  1. Metrosafe 200– this bag features an iPad sleeve and side water bottle/umbrella pocket
  2. Citysafe 100– a perfect day bag that is not too big or small
  3. Venturesafe 25L– holds a 15″ laptop and is the perfect size for a carry-on
  4. Cashsafe– a belt with a zippered compartment for a stash of cash. The plastic buckle means there’s no need to remove it when passing through airport security.
  5. Slingsafe 75– a barely there purse that can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder
  6. Coversafe 100– a concealed pouch for a stash of money and your credit card with slash-proof straps