December 11, 2012
December 19, 2012

As a travel consultant these past sixteen years I’ve seen a lot of changes in the travel industry—especially in the way that travelers book their trips. More specifically travelers seem to decide, based on multiple factors, whether it’s a year for planning ahead or waiting until the last possible moment in the hopes of grabbing the “best deal”.

Two years ago, I observed there was more hesitancy to book a vacation further out, say a-once-in-a-lifetime Botswana safari or an around-the-world luxury cruise. This year, I’ve noticed that when it comes to these special bucket-list trips the early bird really does get the worm, or in this case, the vacation. Booking far enough in advance can translate into getting the best suite at the Hotel Splendide Royal overlooking Lake Lugano, an Inca Trail permit, one of the eight guest cottages at the Sandibe Safari Lodge in Botswana or a business class upgrade on a flight to Rome.

My advice for those thinking about a far-flung travel destination, a Danube or Rhine River Cruise, or a 2013 Christmas/New Year’s warm weather getaway is to plan early and get excited about a holiday that’s “on the books”.