July 23, 2012
August 6, 2012


Pacsafe Citysafe 100GII Anti-Theft Handbag

This past weekend I watched an inspirational movie, The Way. During one scene, Martin Sheen’s character, Tom, was taking an R&R break in a small tavern with a group of newfound friends. This stop was an unassuming weigh station along the Camino de Santiago walk in Northern Spain—in a small medieval village. Tom let down his guard for just a moment and took his eyes off his backpack. The pack was sitting near an open doorway or window within quick reach of a young thief. In one brief second all of his treasured belongings (I won’t give away the story) were gone.

I’m not sure if there’s a “moral of the story” here except that wherever travel takes you always remain aware of your surroundings. Most places in the world are relatively safe, but there are ways to make it not so easy for thugs and thieves.

Here are a couple of my recommended safety travel tips:

  • When renting a car in a foreign country place a local newspaper on the front seat or dashboard and not a local guide book. Never ever leave valuables in a vehicle (locked or unlocked).
  • Blend in with the locals when it comes to dress. Leave the gym shoes and shorts at home when visiting European cities. Do a bit of research prior to travel to see what is appropriate.
  • Don’t carry a purse or anything else that says, “Hey, I’ve got money in here!” I’ll carry a shoulder bag across my chest with the bulk of the bag in front of me. Pac Safe bags (hyperlink) are anti-theft— you can’t cut through the straps Pacsafe. Keep wallets out of back pockets and spread out the cash and credit cards—don’t keep them in one place on your body. Our store carries a lot of safety related items, including Pacsafe.
  • Pick-up a local newspaper or watch the local news where you’re visiting to find out what’s going-on on any given day. Is there a demonstration scheduled, a strike announced or a national holiday which might affect the temperament of the locals?

I rarely have personal safety concerns when I travel, and after traipsing through many cities and countries I’ll have to say that a lot comes down to preparedness and awareness. We should all still travel to see, explore and experience the world—we just have to pay attention.